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Any info on the new Benchmade 940?

Sep 23, 1999
Any info that anyone has on the new Benchmade 940 (The Osborne Collaboration) would be much appreciated! As you find out more, please keep me updated. When I heard of this knife, I swore and thought it would be junk. Having seen the pic of it, I know I am wrong!!!! Looks cool, but what can anyone tell me about it?

"Come What May..."
If you head over to the Benchmade Forum James Mattis has posted many pics and there is an ongoing discussion.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Duhh.... BENCHMADE FORUM!!! Thanks a bunch!

"Come What May..."
hey crayola, i'm usually not much on benchmade, but... i had to have this one. i got number 622 of 1000. i like it a lot. i am really taken with this knife. e mail me if you wanna discuss how cool it is!

russ aka bladezealot. a cat almost always blinks when hit in the head with a ball-peen hammer.
Here is the fragment from Benchmade press info I received the day (really night) before yesterday:

Warren Osborne, the newest member to join the Benchmade collaboration team, has created an exciting new knife design which features the popular AXIS(R) locking mechanism. The Model 940 AXIS Folder has a 3.40" (8.64cm) modified reverse Tanto blade shape made of 154CM stainless steel.

The 940, weighing 2.90oz (82gm), features a slender, machined aluminum handle with just enough curvature and recessed contours for a stable grip.

The knife's handle is bead blasted and anodized in a rich green color, and accented by a color anodized titanium back spacer. Liners are 410 stainless steel featuring subtle finger treads for maximum blade control.

The trademark Benchmade AXIS lock, combined with dual thumb-studs, make the Model 940 a superb, totally ambidextrous cutting tool.

The 940 is equipped with a movable steel carry-clip to either pivot or butt end.

Benchmade's Model 940 is available now and starts at $160.00.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland

Does anyone know if there are plans to also make it with M2 blade.

Funny. The first thing out of anyone's mouth after hearing about a new BM knife is, "Are they gonna make it in M2?" You would think they (BM) would get a clue, wouldn't you? DUH!

However, from what I have experienced from the 154CM in my 730, it is definitely a step up from ATS-34. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know that the composition is practically identical. Ya know what? I don't care. I know what I have experienced. Maybe heat treat, maybe edge geometry, but it is better than anything I have gotten from BM in ATS-34, ever. However..... yeah... I'd like to see M2 as well.

I've never owned a blade from m-2,I would imagine it cuts and resharpens very well,thats hy it seems to be popular,but if it has to be coated for corrosion resistance ya can keep the m-2.Well to each his own,some people would never own a stainless blade and are strictly carbon blade type of people.I'm just glad in most cases we have a choice.I've got a 940 waiting for me and I can't wait to check it out.Chow,Ralph