Any information about my Randall knives would be greatly appreciated

Jan 3, 2014
Hello, I recently inherited three Randall knives and I wanted to know any information you might have about them, i.e. Year, models. I also wanted to know if I should have them professionally cleaned from Randall or another reputable company.

I am not sure how to post pictures so any help there too would be great. Sorry. I created a Flickr account but I have a different screen than what it shown so I wasn't able to post them.
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Nice old knives. It is hard to tell for sure, but it looks like a model 2 stilletto, a model 11 Alaskan, and a model 12 Smithsonian bowie. The handles look old , from the early 60's. Can''t see enough to be certain. If you have anyone clean them, have the Randall shop do it. It will be approx $75 a knife. Collectors like them pristine, left alone. Can't talk about value on the forums but you can get an idea from researching similar knives on ebay. If you are keeping them, I'd have the shop clean them up. If you will loose $ it will be because of collectors; but they will look better, your call.

I meant to add you can go the the Randall web site and see current prices.
Very nice knives, Please do not clean them, no point sending them in, Boot knife shows some real age, early for sure. Do you know any history of them? , Bart
Thank you so much for the replies. I won't clean them, just oil them and keep the dry and away from the sheaths. I received an email back from Bernard Levine letting me know how to care for these. I don't know the history of them but I know my grandpa collected firearms and knives since he was young. My uncles received most of them but I was able to get these three.
More like mid to late 1950's knives; leave 'as is' would be a good suggestion...