Any input on the new Bud Nealy Y2K?

Mar 18, 1999
I just finished reading the brief blurb in Tactical Knives on the Bud Nealy Y2K. Does anyone have firsthand information on this knife, especially the 5-1/2" model? TIA.
I don't have too much insight on the piece, but I did get to see & handle one at the NY Custom Knife Show. IMO, it looks much better in person than in the magazine ads. Very nice overall design w/interesting grind lines that just don't show up well in pics. FWIW, I spoke w/Bud & he indicated that it has become very popular, w/sales approaching those of the Pesh Kabz models.



I may be goin' to hell in a bucket, Babe, but at least I'm enjoyin' the ride.

I appreciate your post, Brian. This knife really appeals to me, for some reason. I thought it looked pretty nice in the picture. The Y2K just might be my next knife purchase.

I am due to get one soon in the black tool steel. When it comes I will post my thoughts. Also I reccommend that you get it with the shoulder harness from blade rigger. Well worth the extra money.