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any international knife magazine you know of?


Dec 28, 2000
know of any existing knife magazine of other nations.(not U.S. written/published ) . And where we can order it?
The only real German knife mag, "Messermagazin". Don´t know if they have an US distributor.

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www.messerforum.net - the premier German language knife-related web board
There is a glorious Japanese knife magazine that I see in Tower records here in the USA. It is however, written in Japanese, so I have no idea what it is called. Wonderful pictures. Expensive magazine in the USA.
There is a nice magazine produced in Spain titled "Armas" which covers both firearms and knives (both military and civilian). Good high quality printing and fairly in depth articles. Written in Spanish.

Here in France, we have two knife magazines, first and older "La passion des couteaux", second "Excalibur" (which I prefer).
Both are great quality.
There will be a new Australian knife mag. available in the next month or so.Sounds like it will be a beautty.Contact Kieth Spencer of Australian Knife Collectors for more details spencer@akc.iinet.net.au
I just picked up an issue of Knives of Europe which appears to be an annual from Krause Publications. It had some interesting articles on knives and makers from France, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Holland. Some pretty neat stuff. Available from Barnes and Noble.

Peter Atwood