Any MT Kestral users out there?

Feb 19, 2000
I really like the wharncliff stlye blade for general utility/work. I am considering buying a Kestral. The blade looks similar to a wharncliff but with a slight hook. I don't think the hook would detract from the usefulness of the blade. The handle appears that it might be uncomfortable to grip tightly though. Does anyone have any experience with these knives? I tried to search the knife reviews but didn't find too much. Thanks...Ed.
Hi Ed,
Carrying my Krestrel today. I like this knife. It has a lot of "wow" factor to it but it is also a very neat small folder.

The handle is a bit small, but the forefinger indentation works well for me. I love the beefy leaf lock that the knife has and it actually has a great lockup. The knife is easily flickable and has dual thumb studs.

The blade shape is like you describe and I wouldn't hunt with this knife but it is useful most most daily tasks.

I don't use a benchstone to sharpen this...just the Spyderco 204 and I only use the angles and not the flat surface on the medium and fine grit.

I took the clip off of mine and carry it in the sheath provided. The sheath is typical MT. No frills but useful. I have the plain edge black coated blade. So far with light to moderate use it is holding up fine.

Just remember this is a small knife. Blade length is just 3" and overall a tad bigger than 7". It is well designed. It is a beautiful interesting looking blade. The 154-CM steel makes this a decent steel. If you're looking for a small, useful knife with a lot of wow factor this may be the knife for you.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

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I've been carrying a Kestrel daily for about 6 months now. Clipped in left front pocket- it is a nice lefty-friendly little auto. MT's usual high-quality fit and finish. Hawksbill blade shape is more useful than I expected, great for everyday cutting chores. Also have a manual and like Greg said that microbar lock is VERY solid. 154CM blade holds up very well, MT really has the heat treating nailed for this stuff. Go for it!
Thank you both for the good insight. This model doesn't appear to be very popular. Maybe this is due to the price and somewhat "unique" design. Unfortunately, I do not know of any retail stores that carry Microteck knives (Chicago area) so I can check it out in person. I may have to take the leap and order one. Any other Kestral fans out there? Thanks...Ed.
I love mine as well. I carry it when I want something a little smaller than my LCC. It fits great in the coin pocket on my blue jeans it's so light you never notice it's there.