Any of you guys ever try this?

Jan 19, 1999
I've been playing around with this idea for awhile and it probably isn't new or necessarily that great of an idea but...

I work in an office and as such, am not able to carry a fixed blade concealed on my person without causing several members of the pacifist type to have various heart problems and moral dilemmas. I have gotten away from using folders as a defensive blade simply because I feel a lot more comfortable using and relying on a fixed blades inherent greater strength and simplicity of draw.

Anyway, you know these little day organizers and briefcases that double as holsters for concealed carry for those of us that are stuck in conventional business attire? I've been thinking about modifying one of them to accomodate a fighting fixed blade in kydex sheath instead of a pistol. I'm never without my planner or briefcase in arms' reach during the day and when I'm out for meetings and lunches so it would ensure that I have a serious form of bladed protection with me at all times! Besides, with the way many offices and restaurants are around here, just because you have a CCW doesn't mean that you can necessarily carry your weapon with you all day to everywhere you need to go.

SO..what o you think? Is anybody already making this type of product? Is this a great new idea? Do I need to patent it and open a multi million dollar a year production facility? Any orders? Am I an idiot? (Sorry...too much coffee this morning!)

Chris Canis
In one of the first 10 "Tactical Knives" magazines was an article that mentioned a maker that was offering a flat defense/utility blade holstered in either a custom checkbook or passport cover. I thought it was a cute idea, but only really allowed for a smallish knife, and thus wasn't really an improvement over a neck knife or pocket fixed blade.

Your idea's kinda neat, but be sure to check your local laws regarding illegal concealed carry of a "dirk or dagger". In many states, (such as NC), lawful possesion of a CC-H (our immasculated version of a CCW), in NO way shape or form protects one from being charged with illegal concealed carry of a knife. It makes no sense that folks that can carry a firearm can't substitute a decent knife, but it's the truth. And what's more, is I believe that carrying of concealed fixed blades is _probably_ proscribed in more States than it's allowed. (Notice the weasel clause. ;-)

If it's legal in your locale, or if you decide that you're gonna do what you're gonna do, regardless, then you might get something out of the ongoing debate in the firearms community about on-body carry vs. off-body carry. The bottomline there is convience and social acceptance vs. the possibility of being separated from your defensive arm of choice.

BTW-- If your knife or gun is truly concealed then it shouldn't cause coworkers any concern because they'll never know about it. Right?
Have fun, be safe

Just a cautionary note here, it's not advisable to carry concealed where you shouldn't. I have a CCW permit and patronize businesses that allow me entry to their premises, if they don't want me in I spend my money elsewhere. Due to work commitments, when I'm on the company clock, that choice isn't available and I act accordinly. I will also note, that if the police show up, don't expect them to let you walk because you have a fixed blade knife, not a pistol. Enough with legalities.....

I have used a soft sided briefcase for years and highly recommend that option. Current generation attache cases normally will have a hidden velcro pocket on the outside between the main body and a sewn in outside zippered pocket. This hidden pocket will have velcro in it to allow you to place the holster or sheath where and how you want it. This is a very flexible arrangement that will give you greater utility since you can buy any number of different sizes and styles to suit your current whim. The larger attache's will have a semi rigid divider in the middle of the main compartment. This will also accept the velcro accessories. Mag pouches, cell phone pouches, holsters and, sheaths are attached here as you desire.

I would suggest you check out I have used their stuff for a while and have found the quality for the price to very good compared to a lot of what's in the market place.

Thanks Sid! I'll check out the site. Mps, I of course strive to keep everything completely concealed, but in the course of the day... you never know!

I think JSP Bladerigger - or maybe RJ Martin? - one of those oriental stylists makes a pretty nifty wallet-knife: a nice long wallet of the type one would carry inside a suit jacket pocket, with a flat tanto inside. But I don't know how quick it would be on the draw.
I recall reading somewhere about how it's legal to carry a 'letter opener' (make sure someone you trust has seen you actually open letters with it) -- such as some sort of innocuous user blade like a 3-4" Swedish utility knife from Mora. Can also be used for peeling apples, opponents, whatever...
That would be more helpful with a location specified, such as: "I read somewhere that it's legal in Fubaria to ..."

-Cougar Allen :{)