Any one know about C.S. Hai Hocho ?


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Feb 7, 1999
I picked up this small fixed blade (about 3 in.blade)fully serrated knife from a guy at a gun show for $10 (NIB). I can't find it on any sites (including Cold Steel),so I figure it is out of production. The Cold Steel site does not have an e-mail address , so I thought someone here might know a something about it.
I've had one for about five years. A "ho-hum" kitchen knife but fairly handy. I'm pretty sure CS still has them in stock and they are a common item. The one thing I did like about it was it came with a plastic blade sleeve. For $10.00 you did alright. I think I paid $12.95 those five years ago.
$10 is a bargain. I' ve used my Hai Hocho for several years now but more as a utility blade and at the dinner table often when I don' t need to set the table for guests. I' ve also carried it as a neck knife as it is small and lies very flat. For a righty, it is relatively easy to draw. Press "release" with thumb and pull, that' s it. Nice little knife.


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The original Hai hocho was 1/8th inch thick and had the old style cold steel serrations which are closer to the spyderco style and infinitely better than the type they use now IMO. Cold Steel later cut the thickness in half which makes it a more practical kithchen blade. I have a couple of the old style and I like them. I don't think they make the hai hocho anymore but if you like it as a kitchen knife they make a 5 and 7 inch kitchen series that are very similar. A warning about using it as a neck knife: The plastic sheath it comes with does not have the best locking mechanism. I hate to think of that think getting loose under your shirt or jacket unless you're into do it yourself bypass surgery.
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