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Any one use a heat gun for guards instead of a torch

Feb 14, 2000
I was wondring if anyone has tried a heat gun for soldering guards on I think the heat would surround the guard and the flux would heat better letting the sodler flow better.I would like to hear some input on this topic,
Thanks nathan
GenO does. He mentioned it on a recent thread. I bet some of those other Old knife maker guys do as well!

"Come What May..."
B-A-S-I (Big A**ed Soldering Iron) I got from Bob Engnath several years ago.
This sucker's 500 watts, takes a round chunk of copper 1 1/8" in diameter as the tip (which I milled off to a 45 degree angle and cut a slot in for the tang to hang thru). I think these are used in the plumbing industry. Leastwise, you don't have to worry about overheating your blade this way!
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Just came back from the NC Guild meeting, where GenO Denning and Mr. George Herron both use heat guns to solder the guards. They actual pin them, but use the solder to dress-up the joint between the guard and the blade. They worked great...! In the process of looking for a good heat gun myself.


Thomas Clegg
I thought it would work.it heats all the joint ,unlike a toruch it heats at different teps and the flux gets hot there and the soilder will not flow were there is not heat or flux.
Thanks I just wanted to see if anyone else has done it and if GeneO does it
I bet it works great I have seen his guards
no lines on his,nice and smooth