ANY thoughts on the Pendulum knife???

Dec 6, 1999


No blade legnth gents sorry I asked twice. All I know is its $285.00( not even an auto!!! Nor stamped Microtech!!!Designed by a navy seal (again). Does anyone know of an advantage of this design???? I'd really like to know. Sorry for the sarcasim but I can't see the light. If you convince me of its superiority I may just get it.

These are the responses I got from emails:

The Retail price for the PENDULUM is $285.00. If you want a link, then visit our website at In as far as it being a fantasy edged weapon, it is far from that. This new concept edged weapon was designed by Chris Carraci former Navy SEAL and Tactical trainer. He has many years of experience in the tactical as well as the personal defense disciplines. Long before folding knives became in vogue for use as a defensive weapon, straight edge razors were used in a very effective manner. What Chris has done is taken an old proven idea and revolutionized it to modern defensive combat standards which can be used by professional and novices alike. In short, this will be a proven effective implement that has optimum concealability and maximum defensive utilization capabilities.


Please give me some insight. I will allways buy a piece of equipment that gives me an edge. No pun intended.

If I saw one in a store, I would definitely pick it up and see how it felt in my hand. It looks like a slasher, and if that's what you want you can't beat the civillian. It looks kinda like maybe you could punch with it as well as slash, functioning similar to a push dagger with a belly. Might be better than an empty hand in very close quarters (e.g., an elevator or phone booth). I certainly wouldn't send $285 for it.

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Looking at the website, it does not say what kind of lock (if any) nor what kind of steel, just stainless... strange looking...

Like a lot of "systems" put forth in the MA world, too gimmicky.
Three words:
Overpriced Kitchen Ulu.

I have an additional thing or two to say but I'll refrain and restrain.
I would like to say, however, that I personally have no use for a knife of this design for "tactical" type use. Plenty of kitchen uses, but none "tactical".

And at $285.00?!

Sorry, NO SALE.

I guess that I prefer something more "traditional" for use in saving my proverbial Bacon.

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I had not noticed the site held info. I had a flyer giving some specs:

440C stainless blade
Titanium liner
carbon fiber scales

New for August 2000.I would buy a knock off of it for ten bucks just because its different. $285.00 I'll take a custom or a small pistol.
Gimmicky. It looks like a knock-off of a "Wyoming" knife... Specialized for skinning? Is it different for the sake of difference or because it works? I vote for the former.
I have an Ulu I'll sell you for $185
Remember the story about the emperor's new clothes? It looks to me like an effort to find out just how stupid people can be.

It seems that all you have to do is tack "Navy Seal" to something and the unknowing get all excited.

That's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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Your post has a ring of truth to it UffDa.
I have been struggling with this same train of thought for quite awhile now.
It does seem like every thing that has "Navy Seal" or "Ranger" or "Special Forces" even remotely associated to it's name is an instant "Gotta have" item for all the weekend warriors and couch potato commandos (that would be me

It's all really kinda starting to wear a little thin.

Just one Fat Bastid's useless opinion

The individualist without strategy who takes opponents lightly will inevitably become the captive of others.
Sun Tzu