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any word on Benchmade 720?

The 720's are "sort of" available. I know of one distributor who has several, but he wants to wholesale them at too high a price. Needless to say, this is why he still has them.

According to Benchmade, they should start to ship on a normal basis by early Sept.

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I bought one this weekend from corrado cutlery in chicago, and it was a regular production model not one of the first production run ones. So I would guess that it is available other places as well. If not I am sure that they would ship you one if you do not live close to them. The one problem that they have is that their prices are high. By the way it is a very nice knife, and of the axis locks I would say that it is the best.
I got one (actually my girlfriend) in the members for sale forum last week. I jumped on it as I have only seen one of these (at full retail) at a local gun shop. Jen promised I can carry it too, if I am a good boy

The one I handled seemed nice enough.
I've had mine for almost a month. Take a look at the thread entitled BM 720, it was posted recently in this forum, I gave the knife a small review.

OK Im still looking for one. Does anyone know of a source?


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