Anybody else have this problem?

Mar 10, 2001
Every time I shift forums or threads I have to register again. I set out to post on a thread and have to register and then when I have put in all of the information I have to register again and the post goes into limbo.

Is this just me?
I don't have that problem. I never have to log in. Make sure you set your options so that you store cookies. Check the "user cp" section for options.
Originally posted by A. G. Russell
Right, it was cookies. thanks very much.

A. G.

Right, that worked for an evening.

I think I am being screwed with, but I am smarter now, I copy my post and when it tells me I have to register I do so and go back to where I was and paste the post in place.

Maybe it is my G3 PowerBook

A. G.
A.G. said:
Maybe it is my G3 PowerBook

More likely it's browser settings. I don't know what browser you are using, but different browsers and different versions handle cookies differently. Play around with using different browsers if you can and try different versions if you can do that without losing your other versions. That can be pretty difficult, I know, but some have good cookie control capabilities that may let you specify which sites can use cookies and which cannot so you can allow BFC to use them and deny access to, e.g., Doubleclick.

Good Luck (you'll need some as you try to mess around with browsers:()

Chances are very good that it IS a setting somewhere, buried though it may be...

If you'd like, I'll take a look at it :D ...I'm no Mac guru, but a 'puter is a 'puter, when it comes right down to it.

BTW, are we still on for late this week?

A.G. I had the same problem you did and it wasn't cookies. I checked that and never did find out what it was. All of a sudden it quit doing the silly BS by itself.