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Anybody experienced with BM Pinnacle (mono-lock)?

Alot of people call the Pinnacle, the poor mans "Sebenza".And though they're not in the same league, the Pinnacle is an excellent Knife, IMHO. My Pinnacle has a strong lockup, opens and closes with ease, carries nicely and is very well made. I like it alot.I also like the recurve shape of the blade.
My speciman gave me no problems after carrying it for a few months with light use.
It is still a favorite. Lets see what others say.

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It's totally underrated. I think it's one of the greatest folders on the market. You will need to tighten or lossen the screw from time to time. But the liner is so thick, you'll never need to worry about wear.

I have seen a few that needs to spend a little more time in the shop. So pick before you buy. At least get it from a trusted internet dealer. I got mine from discountknives. And have no problem recommending them.
I agree.

The Pinnacle is a great knife.

In my eyes, it is the poor man's Sebenza.

You might sacrifice a little fit and finish, I'm not sure as I've never handled a Sebenza, but I do know that I'm more than satisfied with the Pinnacle.
The lock is very strong, the heat treat on the blade is well done and the handle is relatively compact but is definately not too short. It fits my hand nicely. No dead space in the handle when the blade is folded. All in all, quite a nice package.
Finally,the idea of shelling out >$250.00 for a folder absolutely mortifies me. It works for some people, but I can't justify that kind of expenditure for a folding knife.
I'm sure the Sebenza is pure top shelf merchandise but it is just out of my price range, so I'll keep my Pinnacle.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

Before I bought the Pinnacle, I went out and handled 3 integral locks. The Benchmade, the Sebenza, and the Mission Ti-folder. That's $160, $325, $500 respective retail.

The Mission is a total brute and absolutely indestructable.

The Sebenza was my favorite. But I didn't like it enough to spend that much money one one knife.

The Pinnacle I had to hand pick more carefully. But if you get a good one, it's more cost-effective than the other titanium integral locks. It's a steal at the internet discount prices. I think if Benchmade introduced the Axis next year, the Pinnacle would have kicked butt.

I have had my pinnacle for quite awhile now. It competes with my custom KFF for daily carry because the lock is that reliable (after breaking in the initial stickiness on release). This is my favorite BM and I have gotten rid of the rest.

Do a search there have been a bunch of comments of this knife.

I, too, think the Pinnacle is a great knife. I don't think it should be called a poorman's Sebenza though. It's more of a moderate income person's working Sebenza. There's just something that doesn't sit right with me when "Pinnacle" and "poor" are in the same sentence.

Uhh, maybe it's time for me to go get some coffee...

The only drawback is that it's not very safe for left-handed use. It is very easy to disengage the lock if you squeeze too hard. When it's in your right hand, the same squeezing tends to engage the lock even more.

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My first impression from handling one is that is a well built knife as are most BM products. But for me the Mono-Lock is very awkward after years of using Liner-lock folders.
You are absolutely right.
Poor should not be used in the same sentence as the "Pinnacle".
It is too good for that.


If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

Okay, okay, maybe I shouldn't have said "poor". How about the "financially challanged" mans Sebenza. Either way it's still a great knife!

"May you live in interesting times"

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I have to give my .02 cents worth and say that BM made a big marketing error by bringing out the Pinnacle at the same time as the Axis.
I feel that this knife had possibilities of being a breakout hit but was smothered by all the ballyhoo surrounding the release of the Axis. Much deserved ballyhoo mind you, but the effect really overshadowed the Pinnacle in the popularity dept.
A real shame because the Pinnacle is a real standout knife IMO. At around a $100.00, it's a real good buy.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

They didn't just change the name of the Pinnacle to the Mono-lock they also changed the lock design as well. James Mattis posted some comparative pics in the review forum some time ago, but what it boils down to is the lock bar has been narrowed so that the contact with the tang is smaller and as far from the pivot as possible. The lock more closely resembles the CRKT S2 now than the Sebenza or Apogee integral locks. BM claims to have a smaller mono-lock in the works, but we shall see if they continue with the idea considering the success of the Axis lock.


Having owned 3 large sebenza folders, 1 of the older models and 2 of the newer models, I personally feel the BM pinnacle monolock is a better knife.Not just for the money but a better knife period.I offer several reasons. 1-The handle with the finger cut out has a much more secure grip. 2-For defense/utility use the BM has a much better blade design.
the blade has more thickness all the way to the point of the blade.3-You can adjust the side play on th BM with a #10 torx wrench and a little blue locktight.

You can not do this on the sebenza, you would have to send it back to
chris and let him change the shims.4-The clip is held on with 3 screws instead of just 1. I am not saying this to belittle Chris Reeves knives. I have met him and his wife at this years blde show and they seem like terrific people.His knives that I have owned have been absolutely flawless in every way.If your only use for a good folding knife is cutting or slicing then his knives are the way to go. But I do believe that his blades are a little thin for defensive use. 100.00 verses 325.00? You now have my .02 cents worth.




I looked and looked at the CR knives at the Blade show. Beautiful pieces with great workmanship. But you captured my thoughts very well. I like the Pinnacle more and it actually feels more comfortable in my hand than the Sebrenza did. Helps that the Pinnacle is less expensive as well.

Like St. James, I wonder about the modifications in the newer Pinnacle model. Eventually I get around to playing with one. Fact is though is that the one I have is so beautifully broken in that I doubt I would get another one until I lose or break the it.


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