Anybody experienced with REKAT Pocket Hobbit ?

Jun 4, 1999
I would like to purchase this knife.
So could anybody tell me something about it ?

Great piece of hardware! Make sure that a weapon is what you're looking for, because there's no way that anyone, particularly a LEO, is going to mistake this knife for a utility blade!
Hello Kurdy. This is my first time here, so I hope I've done this "right".

I agree with Peter that this a great knife. I've owned one for a couple of months, but my actual "carry time" is pretty limited. As per Brian, this is a folder that any LEO will consider a weapon. The only time I carry mine is 3:00 am 'til dawn, when I'm out delivering papers. One of my customer's sons is an LEO who occasionally patrols my route. I've shown him the knife and he has no problem w/it considering my hours and the fact that I do not have a concealed firearm permit, but that I shouldn't make it my daytime carry knife.

What one might consider a couple of drawbacks: #1 It's pretty big - but could be awesome as a handload when
closed. #2 The thumbstud lies very close to the handle. A small cut-out has been made in the handle to facilitate better purchase, but still a bit slow to open. Practice helps though.

I just use my PH to cut open bundles of morning editions, but have no doubt that it would serve me well in a situation that I could not run or drive away from.


I have owned a couple of the Pocket Hobbit"s.
As other's have said, it is a very sturdy knife and will serve you well as a defense knife. Also as a LEO, I can tell you that this will definitely be considered a weapon, especially because of the saw teeth and the shape of the knife. As for the thumb stud being hard to access, you really don't need to worry about the stud, because one quick flick of the wrist sends the blade flying open and clicks it in the locked position with authority.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "

Did you choose to have a pocket clip installed on yours ? I did, and perhaps that's why I can't seem to flick the blade open as you described. Maybe The fact that the clip is attached through the pivot pin makes it tighter ? I don't know. I just applied a drop of oil, and the blade starts to come out a little, but stil not all the way. Maybe just wrong technique.

Christina at REKAT advised against opting for the clip, but for more what seemed an issue of size (of a knife to be carried by pocket top).

She also quickly corrected me when I referred to the top teeth as "serrations". After taking delivery of the knife, and upon close examination, I tend to think of the blade top as a ripping tool.


I find that I can only flick open the Pocket Hobbit when I use reverse grip. Can you do the wrist flick in normal grip?


I don't think the pocket clip makes the pivot pin tighter though. But with a pivot clip version (do to the fact that now it rides in your pocket tip down), I find it much cumbersome to flick the knife open while in reverse grip.

I have a PH which I really enjoy. I think that if you flick it enough times, it will loosen up. Mine has a clip and opens really easily ... the thumb stud is just decoration.

I was wondering, if the blade is only about 3.5 inches, and I am not threatening anyone, why can't I legally carry it? An AFCK has a longer blade, and no one writes that LEO's will see that as a weapon.


Okay...THAT'S the way to do it - reverse grip. Snapped right open on the first attempt. Thanks !


Maybe that's how you do it anyway (?) because I just can't seem to do in the regular grip. Not even close.


Chuck Gollnick has informed me recently, that here in Oregon, overt carry is allowed with balisongs and even autos, so I would assume carrying a PH in said fashion would also apply. Just don't know that I'd do it though, as it a pretty (well, maybe not pretty) intimidating folder. I
worked as a UPS driver for a number of
years and carried a small Buck folder (112 ?) and startled a few people popping THAT open. Were I still working for THE BIG BROWN ONE, I'd carry a sheepsfoot folder. But that's a different story.


I never really thought about flicking it open with a reverse grip, after trying it both ways, I think it works just as quick either way.

Maybe it is just in the technique? I play with knives all day long, so that might have something to do with it. (practice,practice,practice

I haven't put any clips on mine, as I think the Kydex sheath works quite well.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "

What do you think ?
Maybe want to pick up one of these PH's ? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Hi guys.
Sorry for no answers. I had holidays.
Your posts are very detailed. I am satisfied with the knife. And I*ll purchase it when I*ll be ready (since I am from Croatia, Europe).
I need one with pocket clip. Our laws are almost similar to yours. I will carry it just during working time or some special occasions. Our law says that knife is a weapon only when carried within public places or gatherings, meetings or so.

I have Spyderco*s Tri-Angle. Is it good for resharpening PH ?
I have one of the first run PHs' with the lever by the blade.It is a hell of a knife,and most definately a weapon.It feels sturdy and switches between saber and reverse grips nicely.I am curious to know why carrying a knife as a pure weapon is illegal anyways.We live in a dangerous society where not everyone can obtain a gun permit.We as citizens should be option inclined with regards to the defense of ourselves and those we love.
Does anyone know of a Pocket Hobbit source with the pocket clip? Everyone I call has only the kydex sheath and no clip. I suppose if I wanted to pay $179 I could get one from REKAT, but I would rather not pay that much.


The Pocket Hobbit is truly a ferocious weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

You don't open mail with it, open boxes or cut rope with this knife, this is one very serious weapon and I carry mine when the need arises.

It's not comming out of your hand in your time of need, the back end of the handle can crush your skull, the back teeth will rip you apart, and the blade will cut you open, all with one of the toughest folding locks on the market.

You can tell I love mine, I'll be buying a Sifu when they get into full production.

I think I have carried a pocket hobbit longer than 99% of the world had seen them. I also had the privilage of Bob Taylor teaching me how to use it. I was one of the first dealers to carry any of his products.
I also put on a class with him in East Tennessee. Here is the skinny on the design and use as I rememember.

The pocket hobbit was the reason that the "rolling lock" exists. There had to be equal locking strength in both directions of the edge and spine. The reason for this was the use of the teeth on the spine to be used for trapping and controlling an opponant. The teeth are not serrations they do not have an edge and cannot cut. This would make the knife a double edged folder. That is illegal.

The knife was designed to be used in the reverse style. It can be used either direction if your hand feels good with the grip. But Bob's aim was to design a CLOSE quarters defensive knife. He can give you the theory behind this. I'm trying to be breaf.

The knife was originally offered with a kydex break front belt clip. This was designed so you could deploy the knife in the reverse grip. It is LIGHTNING fast once you practice a little. No one has improved on the original design of this system. The knife was not designed to be carried in a pocket or with a clip. The public wanted a clip so some have been done this way. Those that have have lost a large part of the use of this knife. SPEED. The best way to survive a knife encounter is commitment, speed, and technique. DO NOT HESITATE, DO NOT THREATEN, DO NOT BLUFF.THIS IS NOT THE MOVIES.You must attack with no other thought than disableing your opponant as fast as possible. You might survive the encounter with minimum damage.

That is my story and I'm sticking to it. Bob can correct anything that I might have miss said.



"Cet animal est tres mechant;quand on l'attaque il se defend."("This animal is very mischievous: when it is attacked it defends itself")