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Anybody going to the Pasadena Knife Show?


Nov 22, 1998
I'll be there. Maybe Saturday or Sunday, not sure which. It'd be great to meet some of you if possible.


I'll be there Sat. Looking for some neet stuff, maybe a BW 140 if the price is right and the quality of that particular knife is up to my standards. Maybe I should get AFCK M2 folder, how about a large voyager or how about a -------------
I'm going to try and squeeze in a look in the A.M. on Sat. or Sun., but I'm not sure if I can budget the time (or the money for half of what's on my wish list
). Do any of you fellow West Coasters know what time the doors open up?

Nick B.
I will be there on Saturday. Not as a vendor, but just a regular visitor. Hope to see you all there.
I'll be there on Sat. probably in the vicinity of Scott Moores' booth alot of the time. I am the big bald guy with the moustache. By all means introduce yourself(selves) if you are in the area.

Take care,
If I can make it tomorrow I will. Anyone have the addreess?