Anybody got a contact number for Scrap Yard Knives?


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Mar 15, 2000
Seems to be email only on the website.

Sent an email last week but never got a reply.

I see a Scrap Yard Knives username here on BF, but PM's and emails are turned off.

How does one go about getting ahold of these folks? :confused:
I sent an email and used the contact email on their website and am also waiting to hear from them.

(they need an Amy-0 ;) )
Yeah, the web site warns against calling Ohio about anything to do with Scrap Yard. I have not called the Busse shop.

Wonder why Scrap Yard doesn't have its own phone number. They're in TX, aren't they?

Sent two more emails today. Website promises a response within 48 hours, so we'll see.
I've only sent one. Haven't heard anything yet. Guess we're spoiled by Eric's awesome skillz.
Raden, I missed those forums. Thanks for pointing them out. :thumbup: