anybody have a Parrot or Cockatiel?

May 17, 2002
Looking for a pet. Not sure I want a dog, not sure I want a cat, but I do like birds. Anybody have a parrot or cockatiel? Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

Walking Man

May 28, 2003
BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT TEMPERATURE AND DRAFTS! They are pretty sensitive animals, and they will die if their enviroment isn't suitable.
IMO, one of the best parrots is a Cockatoo, they're much more friendly and personable than the others. I've heard really great things about African Grays too, which are supposed to be the smartest.
BTW, in days long gone by, I worked in a pet store, so I know some stuff.
Honestly, if you want a bird as a pet, a Cockatiel probably won't satify, they aren't all that smart.
Feb 5, 2001
Parrots are a long time commitment.I have had my blue and gold macaw for 18 years and they can live up to 70.He was a young wild caught import when i got him.We have had blue front and yellow nape amazons and they are both good talkers.The intelligence of these birds is amazing.
Dec 20, 2005
If you can't pay attention to your perspective feathered friend nearly every waking moment you are at home (or at least let it ride around on you as you go about your business) don't get anything more than a budgee. Parrots need lots of attention or they become a little neurotic (sometimes a lot neurotic) they need companionship...need...not want. You could get more than one bird, but then they would bond to each other and not to yourself defeating your purpose in having a fine feathered friend in the first place. Parrots are wonderful, loving, caring, and intelligent pets that will enrich your life if you are prepared to hold up your end of the bargain. Keep in mind when choosing a bird, that certain species are really, really, really noisy ie conures, some amazons, and many south american parrots in general. African parrots ie senegals, greys, and myers tend to be quieter. You also better plan on spending a goodly amt on a cage (I would recommend a california cage with roof playpen) and toys, etc. Vet check ups should be done regularly as well. Many parrots will live a long time 20-80 yrs in some cases so it is a long time commitment you are making. Also note that if you have a bird that is bonded to you, and you get a steady girlfriend/wife or a child that wasn't around when the bird bonded, in many cases the bird will dislike/harass or sometimes even attack the person vying for your affections if the situation is not handled correctly (I know this from experience). Do your research, and talk to bird people before choosing/adopting a bird, and when/if you do get a bird, get it from a bird breeder not your local petsmart/petco. Hope this helps a little.
Aug 4, 2001
Cockatiels are affordable and make very loving pets if you get them young. I had one that was like a friendly puppy it's whole life. Larger parrots require a lot more effort and tolerance - they can be very noisy and if they are not raised from a very young age they may never become friendly. Once you're bitten by a large amazon or a macaw you won't want to go near it again. If you're looking for a companion though, the african grays and the moluccan cockatoos have excellent reputations as friendly and sociable birds.
Dec 29, 2001
Gary007 said:
Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

Arrrrr!! Ye be wantin' some PollyGrip to keep 'em from fallin' off ye:


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Sep 4, 2002
bigbcustom said:
Keep in mind when choosing a bird, that certain species are really, really, really noisy ie conures, some amazons, and many south american parrots in general. African parrots ie senegals, greys, and myers tend to be quieter.

This is important if you're not a morning person. Do not get a Cockatoo, conure, or American parrot unless you enjoy head-splitting screams just before the crack of dawn.

IMHO, African greys are the best. You've already been advised that these creatures need lots of socialization, and are very neurotic - especially when any sudden change is involved in their setting or climate.

If you are willing to accept these responsibilities, you will be rewarded with a very lovable and entertaining pet!
Sep 11, 2004
I had a budgee up untill recently.

I will say this, you must give it *lots* of attention if you want to enjoy 'em. I spent every minute with mine for the first year or so when I had him, but I gradually drifted away. He in turn started to avoid me, untill a few months before he died. I knew something was wrong because he would actually come to me. :( I still feel pretty bad about it.


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Nov 4, 2005
I had a Cockatiel back in the day, and now have a quaker parrot. He's a much better talker than my Cockatiel was, but the Cockateil was still pretty bright, she did things that I've never seen an animal do before her. One recommendation, if you're going to get a bird and keep it on your shoulder, get it a diaper/flight-suit. Google it, it'll be worth your while. :)
Sep 26, 2004
I used to have an African Grey Parrot. He was very friendly and would talk up a storm. I had to get rid of him and I gave him to my nephew. He would hop around on the floor and my Boxer would stick his face right next to the bird. The dog wasn't going to hurt him but I was a afraid that the bird would go after my dogs eyes with his beak.