Anybody Have A XL Or Gibbs Mad Max Yet?


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Oct 2, 1998
I have two thirds of the collection of Mad Maxes, (mini and regular), and was wondering if anyone had one of Darrel's really big brutes yet, the Gibbs Mad Max? Please give us a short review. I love these knives and want to know what you think.
Gene - my buddy David Baker (davidb415) has one. It really is an impressive piece. You really can get some heads to turn when you flick that baby open in a crowded restaurant - ka-THUNK! :) Though a bit too big for my tastes, it's more like a folding sword than anything else, that is, until Darrel can get the 12" Gibbs Maxx out :eek: Gene, I think you need both of these!
I think you're RIGHT Dex! I've already talked to Darrel but the news may not be good. :confused: I want to be David's kid and inherit all his big bad folders! :p
Well, it is now! Bowie-bladed Gibbs Max incoming! I'll report on it when it arrives. Thanks Darrel! :)