Anybody here own a Grohmann/D.H.Russell?

Jun 21, 1999
One of my favorite belt knives is my Grohmann/DH Russell #R3SA knife with overlap sheath. I was introduced to it during my time in the Canadian Forces, where it was issued to our (now disbanded) elite Airborne unit.

It is a beautiful knife, available in stainless or high carbon steel. The issued one has the stainless blade, with rosewood handles.

For you Americans it is a real steal, with our dollar as weak as it is lately.

Any of you already own one?
I got mine after my infantry course, the issue stainless/rosewood. It was a course knife
Haven't really used it at all, I keep it as a momento. A lot of ppl I know swear by it, though.

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I have the Bird and Trout model. Like it so much I bought one for my Brother-in-law as a groomsman present.

Also picked up a commemorative Grohman at a Ducks Unlimited banquet last spring.

I have a R3S that I always bring along when I go fishing. I love it. I'm thinking about getting a custom kydex sheath for it.

I love these knives! I was given a DH R-1S a few years back and initially thought it was kind of odd-looking. It wasn’t until I started using it that I realized how well it was designed. It has become my preferred fixed blade for general use. I even find myself using it in my kitchen at home! A simple, elegant design and a tremendous value (IMHO).

I have one that I got before I knew there was any other knife like it anywhere else. But mine is a Herter that I got in the late 1950s. I never saw another like it until this last decade when I discovered that mine is a very old knock-off of that classic.

Still a great knife.

Desert Rat

I have the "original Russel belt knife" and the larger survival model. The models numbers escape me. Both are great stainless steel knives. Very easy to sharpen and hold a resonable edge.

I use the survival model in the kitchen a lot and the original as a neck knife to complement a large chopper.


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I'm pleasantly surprised to see that these knives are owned down south of the border too, I had no idea they were available outside of Canada. Thought they were just our little secret.

If any of you out there don't own one yet, I highly recomend it, when you hold one and use one for the first time you will be hooked too. This is one belt knife that even sheeple admire when you pull it out.
Don't let the price convince you that it is not a quality knife.

I don't have any connection to the company, I just love their knives and wanted to make others aware of their existence, and their beauty.
Geez, does anyone remember the old Herters catalog? I seem to recall the Russell knife as being advertised in their many years ago, and always thought to pick one up. The blade shape looks like it keeps the cutting edge below the knuckles on the gripping hand like a chefs knife, which is great for food prep.

If anyone knows what type of stainless Grohmann uses in their blades, I'd appreciate the info.TIA

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <----<
I've always been a fan of the Grohmann designs, a very nice and unique knife, pretty darn durable and sharp, though, unfortunately, I haven't owned one for about a year or so.

My wife and I honeymooned in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. last fall and were that close (hold thumb and forefinger about *this* far apart) to the factory and taking the tour, but had to catch the ferry to P.E.I. We're really looking forward to going back soon, and trying to stretch into Cliff's neck of the woods.

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