Anybody know about Blades "n" Stuff ?

Jan 8, 2001
A year or two ago I got this great catolog from a place in Glendale CA called Blades "n" Stuff. They sell knife making supplies. I've called for two days straight and the phone just rings?!... Anyone know if this company is still around? Information had no listing for a phone.
More to the point I need buffing wheels, sand paper and some other supplies. Any recommendations for knive making supplies?
I'm not sure if Blades 'n' Stuff is still around. If I'm not mistaken (and I could be, as it is damned near 1:30 AM) that company was Bob Engnath's company, and sadly he passed away only a couple of years ago. His son was learning "the grind" so maybe he kept the company going.

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Blades N Stuff is no longer in buisness. After Bob(God rest his Soul) passed on his wife and son sold most of what the company had. All that is left is the web sight devoted to Bob and some of his drawings, Q&A sessions and the like.
There is a fellow at KF on the Newbies Forum who is wanting to start up something along the lines of what Bob was doing though. I think it's an excellent idea and hope it pans out. Keep that catalog it's got a wealth of knowledge in it.
Thanks for the replies. I'm sorry to hear that Bob is gone but the catolog has sparked an my interest to do and learn more about his craft and art. I'm glad I got hold of one while I still could.
Last year at the knifeshow in Belgium, in Gembloux, a very friendly guy and his wife had a stand with knifemaking materials and antique blades. His name was Dahn. He was from blades 'n stuff.

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