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Anybody know about this Chinese steel?

7cr17mov is actually identical to 440a with the addition of nickle.

That said, with a good heat treat it's not a "bad" knife steel by any means, just a very basic one. Very good stainless properties, easy to sharpen to a very sharp edge, just needs resharpened more frequently.

8cr13mov is more comparable to a modified 440a
Far lower chromium and molybednum levels, w/ a small amount of nickle added (less then 7cr), and a very small amount of vanadium added (0.1-0.25). And while the carbon limits overlap, the upper and lower limits of 8cr is 0.05 higher then 440a.

Again, with a good heat treat, not a horrible knife steel, just a very basic one, and if the carbon and vanadium levels are peaked, actually a pretty decent basic stainless, just like a good 440a like boker uses in their magnum series, or a good 7cr17mov that is found in many Chinese made Knives today. They are all great FOR lower end production Knives IF done right during the manufacture process.

9cr18mov is the closest Chinese equivelant to 440c; slightly less carbon, potential for slightly more chromium, slightly more moly, plus a small bit of vanadium (0.12 Max) and nickle (0.6 same as 7cr17mov) added. Done right with a good heat treat,,idk, it very well may even outperform 440c with it's slightly "toothier" edge due to higher carbide levels, w/ van? They're pretty close though in the grand scheme of things.

Whatever the case, back to the op, 7cr17mov is no super steel, but it's a decent (and common) steel for a $20 production knife when produced properly... Problem is, Gerber's heat treat these days is pretty hit or miss on their lower end production Knives. In my last experiences they've been more miss. And for them to gas up and sales pitch the steel as equivalent to 440c, (when it's all but identical to the lesser grade 440a with anywhere between 0.2-0.6% less carbon,) just goes to show their unscrupulous nature...
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Well I'll be.... I didn't even check the date, i just saw it on page one and figured I'd respond in turn... Oh well...

Happens to everyone at least once. This is how you learn to check the date of the OP before posting :thumbup:
That or the guy who brought it back from the dead would be scolded for not using the search function since it was their first post.
Yeah, I do tend to skip that often when I'm on my phone, those numbers are so damn small on the 4" screen though...

Definitely gonna make a better conscious effort of it though for here on out... Appreciate you pointing that little tid bit out.
7C-r17MoV is more like 440a. Because 9Cr18MoV is only similar to 440b.,,.

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It's good that the thread is revived - to educate others about China's practices !
When buying from China you NEVER know what you are getting . Specs , certs , mean nothing ! Beware the word "equivalent " it may be far from the "equivalent steel ".
I have an early Cold Steel Stainless Master Hunter . A fine knife in every way. Then there began complaints about the steel.
China has a long way to go before it can produce products that can be trusted and meets the claims in all fields not just blades.


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