anybody looking for a cool watch priced right??

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Jan 31, 2001
i know its off topic, but knives/cars/guns/watches kinda run together for me anyway - i bought a cool watch last week a kienzle atlantis, cost about $300 plus shipping - check out the pics on the site it looks just like a panerai luminor, a 2K+ watch - not into fake stuff, have a REAL rolex, panerai, etc - but this is really a cool 44mm watch. really worth the $$ - only bad thing about it is the leather band on mine was too short, but i bought a new 1 for about $40 and now it fits great - also ya gotta wind it, but i wind mine every other day and keeps great time - they also have some oil filled diving watches, and other watches all less than $500 - so if ya want a pretty cool watch in the $300 range check this 1 out ya wont be sorry - i found out about them on rolex forum - they have a swiss movement, a valjoux, supposed to be pretty good - a lot of people on the forum have been buying them- anyway check it out if ya want and have a good 1(oh word is pan is sueing them so they may discontinue the atlantis)


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