Anybody name their knives?

Jun 29, 1999
I find I do this with knives that I carry alot, or use alot. Just curious(you don't have to tell me the names

There's a very old Robert Heinlein book in which the two important knives are "Colonel Bowie" and "Lady MacBeth."

I've always thought the latter a nice touch.

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I always name a knife. It is so much better than a number. And other people also come to associate a particular knife or knife pattern with a name. Most of the knives named have a thread to an event or use that will bring back the good memories for years to come. Almost any knife will cut, but the one that does the cutting is the special one. Ray Kirk
I named my Sebenza BEN

I named my cat Blade


No knives. Yet. My 30-06 is named AT&T and hornet is Baby Bell.

Also, always name cars, need to be able to talk to it when it is half way up a mountain and starts sounding funny, or almost out of gas in the middle of the night in western Kansas, or running hot 1500 miles from home. It helps!

not really, but I like to have my name engraved on the nice ones...

I named all of mine 'Pookey'. OK I'll go to penance for that and wash my mouth out

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I name the special ones, like the little Spyderco jigged bone Jess Horn, for some reason it looked like a Ricky to me and so I named it that.

Ricky now lives with a nice fellow, Paul Davidson, and he updates me now and again on Ricky and what's up lately.

The other knives haven't gotten named yet, my William Henry is one that I'll probably name soon.



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I named my SAK Climber MacGuyver. OK, I know its not very original, but for some strange reason it seemed appropriate. As a kid I watched too much TV. I have, however, refrained from naming any of my guns Sonny Crockett

There is actually a bicycle tool by Topeak appropriately called the "McGuyver"


"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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When I carried a Police model is was known as the "Long Sword" based on the fraky look people would give it when it snapped into existence form nowhere.

I am thinking of having things engraved on a knife or two.

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All the knives I've "adopted" already had names........Polecat, Pinnacle, Carnivour, Cuda, Mark I and his bigger brother Mark II, Warrior, Fang, Applegate etc....I would hate to give them an identity crisis by changing names.

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A few of my knives have names. The serrated blade on my Leatherman Wave is called the "Circumcizer", just because it sounds nasty. And the clip point blade on my Wave is called the "Lacerator", because that's what it does if you're not being carful.

BTW: I don't care for McGuyver much.....he was anti-gun, you know. In his tellivision series, he would throw away a gun in a trashcan, even if he neaded it to save his hide withen the next minute.

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I agree with Mike... the special ones seem to name themselves... and mostly Native American names.