Anybody Out There???

Eric Isaacson

Dec 19, 1999
It's been a little slow here lately. Just wonder what everyone has been up to? ;)
Anybody have anything new they want to show off?
It's summertime.... The days are long....... much fun to be had... and we're ALL waiting for our new Busses to arrive.

Hey Eric! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Strabs and Seth,
Good to hear from you ;)
I have to agree it is a busy time of the year for everyone. At least I got some replies, I was starting to think it was just me ;) :D

Just wait until the ZT series starts shipping then there will be something to talk about. :D
Hi Eric
I've been busy making kydex stuff,but I check the forums and they have been slow:D
I'm here and I don't understand it.
I have been doing all kinds of stuff and still have time for the forums. ;)
Just guess were loyal:D

Still out here waiting on my ZT set and for the Satin Jacks. Sadly missed out on a chance to try out my Mr. Mojo last weekend as the trip I ended up on was a little less rough than I had anticipated. There's always next time!

I've just been sitting here waiting for someone to come up with an interesting topic.
Oh yeah, you wait for us Eastern guys to go to bed and then you start talking!!!;)
Still waiting on my Busse knives, too. hehe Eight all together.
Take care guys!!
Well, it does look like we have a few people around ;)
Now what should we talk about? Someone has to have an interesting topic to get started.
I'm gonna post pics of my deck I built with the assistance of my SH-II. Only took 15 years of planning, but it isn't bad.

I wish I could post pics of my neighbors and family whose eyes about jumped out of their heads when I'd whip that puppy out to do some final fitting. You'd have loved it.

It does seem slow here recently.

I need a folder. Oh Jerrrrryyyyyyy........
I'm here. I had hoped to do some fishing this summer but we have been bombed with orders. . . It's not really a bad problem to have. ... ;) Although I wouldn't mind "wettin' some line" in some place other than "Lake Busse". By the way, Lake Busse is stocked to the gills. Just pulled a 42" Large Mouth outta there about 6 weeks ago.. . . errrrr, did I say 42"?. . . . I may have meant 22", but it's kinda difficult to tell fish stories when your on the internet ;)

THE FOLDER! Or maybe just a little info? Pleeease?

I just thought of a topic: what do you think the folder's specs will be?

Here's my guess:

Blade: 3.9" long, 3/16" thick, spearpoint, and oh yeah, INFI! How are they going to incorperate the talon hole, you ask? With a flipper! (that would be awesome!!!!!)

Handle: Canvas Micarta scales, titanium liners, with Jerry's special lock.

Any other predictions?
Well, boring old me just picked up my Badgr Attack E at the post office:D

When did Busse start finishing the blade edges in satin? I'm pretty sure my last Badger (which I stupidly sold:eek: ) did not have the satin edges.

Now if Eric would just run off some sheaths:p
I was just sitting here reading about everyone's knife purchases, and started figuring up how much I have spent on knives and guns in the last year. I kind of shocked myself. I don't think I will recap my purchases to my wife either. Although I don't buy any of them without informing her I am buying them, if I told her, I wouldn't be making any more purchases unless I bought her a few more things. I got the numbers close last week when I got her a new computer. Now she has a faster one than me...but for how long?:D

A nuclear spend thrift,

I think they changed to the Satin edges about the time of Blade Show. At least that is when I saw them (pictures of them that is) for the first time.

So how do you like that BA-E, it is by far my favorite and Most used Busse. :D