Anyone buy from Feed Repp?

Oct 5, 1998
Has anyone bought a knife from Fred Repp <>?? I saw an ad placed by this gentleman, and he says he has a knife that I would like to buy. His address is in NJ, and it is a P.O. Box, which is "scary"

Before I send him the M.O., has any done any business with him? Any recommendations? (I used a search engine and didn't find anything.)

Thank You!
Ah, the "ol proofread the message but not the title trick!

Missed me by _that_ much!
I met Fred at the 1998 Blade Show, and he is a very nice guy. My girlfriend even likes him, so that should be more than enough...

Let me know if it doesn't work out.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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If its the Fred Repp w/the PO Box in Norma, NJ, I once ordered a $250+ knife from him w/no problems. There was one very small pit in the bead blasted blade but this could've easily been missed by the factory/maker so I don't necessarialy blame Fred for that. Other than that, the knife arrived within reason and was decently packaged.

Just bought a CS Carbon V Master Hunter from him at a really nice price. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from him again. And if you are interested in Cold Steel, particularly the rare stuff, he's your man.


Clay Fleischer

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