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Anyone else suffering from Axis Burn?

Nov 4, 1998
I just got my new Axis the other day, and I have been flicking it whenever it is politically correct, and where I won't get caught...and well, my thumbs hurt now...

Actually both of my thumbs and the index finger on my right hand seem to be quite tender now, and it is quite annoying because it now hurts to play with my new knife...I feel like a moth drawn to a flame.

Anyone else suffering this malady? I am actually considering some Dremeling to help save my digits from further wear. My only reservation is that I might not be able to open/close it if it gets greasy, or if my hands get cold. Keep in mind I am a blue colar fellow with really tough skin on my hands, and this knife is still causing me pain...maybe I am just a bit obsessive/compulsive as well....naw....


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Mine too. Try pulling back on the lock, giving it a flick o' the wrist. Let off on the lock when the blade is half way open so it doesn't bounce back when the blade hits the stop pin.

There. Now you can have two sore spots on your thumb.