Anyone ever receive replies from Koster Knives.

Discussion in 'Koster Knives' started by blade73, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. blade73


    Jun 22, 2014
    I placed an order for a Bushmaster in December of 2014 and fully paid for the knife on 9/01/2015. I have never once asked or bothered Mr. Kostner since making that payment. A few weeks ago I sent one email and a FB to Mr. Kostner just asking for a quick update. I have never received a reply from him. I know he received the FB message as it shows seen. I would think it would only take a few seconds of his or maybe a minute of his time to reply. I don't see my name in his list of orders. I'm just really frustrated being I've sent approximately $400 for a knife. I know he has a long list of orders, but feel a reply would be courteous.
  2. bigbcustom


    Dec 20, 2005
    Blade, FWIW, I believe you will eventually get your knife. Dan, in my experience, is a stand up guy, but has some serious issues with timing, deadlines, communication, etc.. I had to wait three years for a couple of my knives, and got others in relatively short order, and he did communicate with me from time to time when I emailed. I have never once doubted that Dan would send me a knife, I have ALWAYS wondered when it might arrive lol. Last few knives I ordered, I promptly forgot about, then was pleasantly surprised with I got a shipping notification (sometimes years later) that they were on the way. I have been happy with the knives themselves at the price point. Quality, well designed, and executed in accordance with the price point IMHO. I can not, and will not, defend his customer service failings, etc.. I can say, at least in my experience (I have ordered and received seven knives from him over the years), you should get your knife, and it should be a good usable one.
  3. knife chop

    knife chop

    Feb 11, 2014
    Shit man, make mine 4 years plus wait. That MF said my knife was glued up and will ship within 3 weeks. It's been 4 years. So Fuck Dan Koster!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
  4. cmroberts1


    Mar 4, 2014
    I second this! Dan Koster is a poor buisnessman and should refund all monies to everone until he can fill orders. No excuse for his practices and should be banned from doing business on this forum!
  5. blade73


    Jun 22, 2014
    Thanks to all on your replies. I'm beging to doubt I may ever receive my knife. With Knife Chop currently waiting almost 4 years and my order most likely placed after his, this sounds like I maybe in for a long long wait. I have only emailed and sent him a FB message only once in almost the 2 years. As I mentioned not one reply. I'm not going to make the habit of contiually contact him, but his Customer Service is the worst. I feel for the many that are on the waiting list. I wish, I would have found this forum and learned of Kosters business practices before ever placing my order.
  6. thevtbt


    Apr 1, 2016
    blade73, my experience was that Koster only followed through with what he said he would do when legal action against him was implied, and when I did get my product it was appeared rushed, asymmetrical as it was. I would suggest sending him your communication to him, in duplicate, through Facebook and here on blade forums, as well as other contact info of his if you have it, so as to be sure you know he received your message. Save your correspondence, be polite and straightforward and be precise regarding what you expect from him and when, and what solutions you feel are reasonable, dependent upon what he tells you regarding the status of your order. At any rate, he's an adult, and should be treated as such, which is to say, accountable and responsible.
  7. Daniel Koster

    Daniel Koster Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 18, 2001
    I do reply to emails - all the time.
    Those that read my FAQ know that I don't reply to "when's my knife going to be done" crystal-ball time emails because I honestly don't know.

    That said, I've been more transparent about my process and timelines that many other custom knifemakers. I publish my lists publicly and update them regularly.

    Also, I stopped taking order 2 years ago so I could whittle down the waiting list.

    The quality is there, the timeframe is not always cooperative. For a one-man-shop, I feel like I'm doing the best I can.

    Anyone is welcome to call or text me anytime. Phone number is on my website, in my emails, on this forum, etc.

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