Anyone from Tokyo/Japan??

Feb 22, 1999
I will be travelling to Tokyo for a week sometime next month. Is there anyone living there that can tell me anything useful (are there any knife stores?)
Costas, I grew up in Tokyo. I can tell you all the places you would want to visit... as long as your wallet holds out. Things are a bit pricey there. My folks still live there. Better yet, plan a day trip to Seki City. That is where they make the knives. Even better yet, plan a stopover in Denver, I can drive you to the Spyderco Factory Outlet in Golden and then to the Coors Brewery!

There are plenty of knife stores in Japan.

I will be going for the Jap. knife guild show just after the west coast blade show.

When do you plan to go?

If you have time, I'll tell you where you want to be: the 32nd Cutlery Festival in Seki, October 23 and 24. There are a number of exhibits going on in the city, but the Seki Outdoor Knife Show '99, with displays from all over, is where my friends and I will go, right outside Shin-Seki Station. Two blocks away is the K.T. Cutler Knife Festa'99. Also in Seki is the Knife Museum Festival. It seems you can get to Shin-Seki pretty easily from Nagoya.

If you will be there this weekend, Oct. 2 and 3, there is the Tokyo Blade Show at Shibuya Forum 8 (Yamaha Music on first floor), near Shibuya Station. It seems to be Japanese makers.

Eric Takabayashi
Fukuyama, Japan
I am waiting for confirmation, but it seems that I will be there from 17th or 18th of October until about the 25th.

I'm not really asking only about knives, any information about Japan and Tokyo in particular would be helpful.
I'm also into Amateur Radio, archery, airguns, firearms, portable computers (laptops and palmtops), electronics and photography, just to name a few (!!)
Thank you.

Costas Lakafossis
Mechanical Engineer
Road Test Editor
4Wheels magazine
Athens, Greece
at Austin I met a very nice fellow from Japanname was Masao Takahashi he made some great looking knives ph . 81-27-234-2223 ,I cant read the rest but He was one of the best I seen at the show top 10 anyway