Anyone had bad luck with CS top locks?

Mar 22, 2000
I like my Vaquero Grande and was wondering if anyone had any problems with Cold Steels' lock. They play it up real big in the catalog, but if there is anyone with a conflicting oppinion, I would love to hear about it. So far I am very impressed.
I love my Large Vaquero. Very tight lock. But I do wish they move it back a little. I'm always mindful I don't accidently depress the lock on a saber grip.
I have the Vaquero Grande as well as its little brother, the El Hombre. They lock up like a vault! If the VG isn't too big for your purposes, you owe it to yourself to own a pocket sword.

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Nope, nothing but good. CS tanto and clip (large). Lock up like a vault, open easy like an old Zippo.
Recently i bought the Cold Steel extra large tanto folder, and i was surprised that it was a very solid gave me a sense of power that my other knives such as the benchmade cqc7 tanto never gave me