Anyone handled the Nimravus Cub already?

Oct 12, 1998
Does anyone own this smaller version of the nimravus? I am not sure if BM is already delivering this knife on a regular basis. I am curious to know if the knife handles as well as its big brother. I am especially curious about the sheath. I seem to remeber that BM wanted to make a nylon type sheath but later decided to make a kydex sheath. Thank you in advance.
My local dealer has them. I'd guess that if the Nimravus felt too big, the Cub would be just right. I tried out one in the store, but it felt, to me, to be a little on the small side. The full-size feels right to me.

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I've got one of the pre-productions that I occasionally oggle more than anything else. It's a good little knife, but seems specific to some purpose that alludes me. The larger version works great in my hand as well, and I can't see carrying a fixed blade when my pocket folders are actually larger. For the most part it fits the hand like the larger; the sheath seems to be an afterthought however.


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The Cubs are available now in M2, plain edge. I haven't seen the other variants.

The kydex sheath has a belt loop attachment that has it riding lower than the full size Nimravus sheath, and I like it better, but it still seems to demand the attention of a custom sheath maker, for multi-position kydex or old fashioned leather.

I'm told by reliable sources that Benchmade is working on another sheath for the Nimravus series - no details.

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Without handling either one I decided on the original. If I were to get the cub it would be a later purchase. I don't know what it is but I sure like the way they look. Have you seen the BM forum?
A scan by James Mattis, man I love his work.

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My Cub should arrive today. I have my fingers crossed about the sheath. The one I handled in the store was WAY loose. I asked my on-line dealer to exam the rig before he sent it. He actually shook it close to the phone and it seemed ok. However, he did agree to take it back if I wasn't satisfied. I have the larger one in ATS 34 and I'm very pleased with it. The Cub is M2.

More to follow

(Later that same day)

Mr UPS just left and I have my Cub. Initial reaction is great satisfaction and some excitement; a great looking, feeling, and wickedly sharp little guy. The sheath has some play but is forgiveable. I was able to flick the sheath and dislodge the knife (same as the Big Guy).
The one real disappointment (and you've heard it from others) is the limited carry options. This would make a great boot knife but there's no way to keep it accessible in the boot. On top of that, the belt loop thingy gets in the way of drawing the knife; probably a minor "defect" that will be overcome with practice.

All-in-all I think this knife is a winner

Also got a Mini-AFCK with it. This is another absolute winner. (my wife will probably use both of these on me when she finds out)

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