"Anyone have a knife so I can open this present?


Oct 29, 1998
What did you all use to open those pesky gifts from the relative that used a roll of tape for each gift? When someone needed a knife, what did you pull out of your pocket? and what was the reaction when it wasn't a SAK?

I had my small Sebenza. Came in very handy and didn't appear to scare anyone.

I used the Spydie Native my kids gave me on Xmas eve. No complaints, it worked really well and didn't scare anyone.

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Glad I came in to visit my fellow co-workers today, and to also check out the threads since I am on vacation until the New Year.

Got to reply to this one before leaving.

You know all those pesty clam packaged items that are sealed so well you need a HEAVY DUTY TOOL to open them with. Well, my twin boys got stereo walkman style radio/cassette players from there Aunt and Uncle. Had to whip out my SOCOM M/A to open these with. Every one's eyes lite up as though I had a weapon in my hand. I was able to open those pesky clam packs with ease.

Also had a tough ribbon on one of my gifts, used this knife again. Hardly touched the ribbon with the blade, and it was off.

I can't figure out why so many run afraid of a little bit larger knife or blade. A small knife can do just about as much damage to a person as a large one can. They both can cut you if they they are just as sharp and if taken in the right place on your person. But, yet people still have that terror in their eyes when a big blade is pulled out.

You would think after all the years that I have been accumulating knives, this wouldn't be such a big deal.

Maybe I have a sick humor here, but I find it kind of fun to see their eyes get as big as my knife blade!

Take care, gotta get back home now before the wife thinks I am in love with my job here at work.....

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I always carry two knives (at least), one for small jobs and one for large. The small one is a sak "rambler". That "Deer in the Headlights" look is fun to see, but there are times when you just know you shouldn't do it.
The little SAK is an invaluable tool to me, I find I use this thing constantly.
Used my StiffKiss this year(got it Christmas morning). I tried using a "harmless knife" ie.Schrade Trapper year before last and my mother in law cut her finger trying to open a gift with the *spine of the blade* (Can you say DUH!). So last year I brought my BM Panther,no one could unlock it and despite my instructions almost cut themselves again! I figured a FB was the way to go this year. No injuries,whew,if there`d been any probs this year I would`ve left them to gnaw them open next time!
Marcus PS, Maybe *this* is why "they" are afraid of knives!
Used the Benchmade Mini-Spike this year (tip great for getting into ribbon knots etc). Of course the constant holler of "I need a knife" was heard and I came through each time. Of course many need quick lessons on how to close a liner lock. I had fun even though no one gave me any knives this year-even though they knew that was all I wanted.
I was asked for my knife several times this year (although NOT by my sister and brother in law who got new knives from me for Xmas) and offered my large size BM Ascent in BT coating which seemed to scare everyone who saw it... On the other hand my Leatherman Wave came in quite handy for putting the batteries in those kids toys with the screw shut battery compartments that are all the rage... I have a sister in law who evidently could really use a multi-purpose tool for christmas next year!



I used my Dalton M-6 to open a couple of clam paked stuff and to cut off a few bags that were tied into knots....love the one-handers, open, cut, close, all with one hand and never let go of the item being cut.


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I used a Calypso to open my gifts. Everyone who I was with knew I was a knife nut, so it didn't bug them. I even gave some knives to people and they used them to open their gifts.
A certain person I know on this forum cut himself while opening a gift with the Mini Dyad I gave him!

Yeah, so! I was cutting the ribbon on the present from by girlfriend with the present from my best friend and knife dealer when I slipped and sliced my left index finger. A lot of blood for a small wound. No permanent damage done and no stiches needed. By the way, the present from my girlfriend was a set of speakers and a 500 watt subwoofer for my computer, so it was worth the scar.

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Yep, Christmas day the call went out, "anyone have a knife." It was a friend of a relative asking. Everyone else knew the answer. "Mike always has one." I dutifuly stepped up and snapped open my Gerber A/F Combat Folder. Everyone took a step back in fear and awe
. I then proceeded to extricate toys from packages while my niece watched in anticipation with my brother-in-law holding her back, "so you won't get cut by that thing."



Heh, my Krait sliced through those ribbons and paper somethin' wonderful, dontcha know...
(Thanks, Darrel) Got some oohs and ahhs from my brother and his daughters, too...

Did a great job on the paper for wrappin' prezzies the night before, too...

(And the aforementioned brother, a skilled woodworker, presented me with a beautiful obsidian knife with a manzanita burl handle he had made himself, complete with pine pitch/charcoal glue and deer hide wrap -- opened it with the Krait: ancient tech meets the latest tech...)