Anyone have a Micarta handled Case Trapper?

Feb 4, 1999
I almost passed out when I opened the latest Blade and saw the pictures of the new Shepherd Hills Case knives with Micarta handles. The brown (tan) looks decent, but I love the way the black looks. I am looking for a classy slipjoint folder to carry, and my SAK just doesn't have the panache I am looking for. Being a huge Micarta fan, this new Trapper is right up my alley.
I've never owned or evenb played with any Case products, but I like their looks and simple classic appearance, and this Micarta addition is just perfect for me. What do you guys think of it who own it, and is there anyone around who'd be willing to trade a trapper for a custom made sheath for one of their other knives?

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I agree. The micarta Cases look spiffy. I especially liked the Texas Toothpick in tan micarta. You can get them for cheap over at the Shepherd Hills website. They`re a great dealer; I`ve bought from them several times and have no complaints.

I wish I had one to trade for a custom sheath! I`d love to get a sheath made for my new Boye folder.