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anyone have info on muela

Oct 11, 2000
i have seen a few muela knives in various catalogs but dont know anything about the quality of their product. while i like the style of some of their fixed blade models i was wondering if anyone has had any good/bad experiences with their quality? any info greatly appreciated
I personally don´t have any experience with the Spanish Muela blades, but some of them I looked at seemed to be built quite nicely. Don´t know about their steel and heat treat, though.
One thing worth mentioning: As far as I remember, the German publication "Messermagazin" (the only pure knife mag in German) did a comparison test with different bowie knives, and the Muela "Alamo Bowie" came out as the winner. Seems to have a good price/performance ratio, at least with the European street price. Don´t know US prices for Muela knives.

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I own 3 Meula blades. Two are refered to as Meuflon? By memory at least. They are 7" and 9" Bowie style blades. I would guess the steel to be on a par with 440a type steel. They are reasonable knives for the money. I have now moved on to better marks, but for a cheap and usable knife they are ok. I would be interested to see what steel they are made from as well. They take a very good edge, but I have forgoten how well they hold it now. I remember the performance was ok, if nothing special. Perhaps I will try my 9" out again and see what it can do!