anyone heard of this knife?

Dec 15, 2000
Cuchillo Deportivo made by Muela.

Anyone heard of this knife?

Cuchillo Deportivo might be a city in Spain?

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ha, ha, ha, ha,,...... LOL oh, that's a good one... a city in Spain. No, my friend, it simply means "sporting knife". I'm not laughing at you, I swear. But your comment was quite funny.
My mom picked up a big double edged leaf blade (A boar knife) about 13" overall from Muela with a box marked cuchillo exportivo. She got it for me in Spain even though I had asked for a Moroccan Silver knife... Oh well it is still pretty cool.

- I assumed it was for "Knife Export" or "Exportable Knife" of course I don't speak Spanish so YMMV.

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Sporting Knife. Okay, I feel kind of dumb, but I'm used to that.

Is that a good knife? The reason I asked is that I saw a few for sale on the internet and wasn't sure of the quality and if it was like the other Muelas.