Anyone know anything about this fencing foil

Mar 12, 2016
I recently bought this used fencing foil at a garage sale, it's pretty beat up and I can't really read the markings on the blade. Overall it's a pretty cool and nice foil with plenty of use still left in it.

It's hilt is kind of odd, I'm not sure if it qualifies as a "pistol-grip" or not. The second photo looks like it says "DE FRANCE" and "5", the third photo looks like it says "IEOH ARIS" but it's really too beat up to tell.

I'm hoping to find more information on it, so I joined this forum in hopes some of you guys know something on it. I appreciate an history/info you guys can give me on this :)





Also, I'd just like to say that I've done some browsing on different areas of this forum, and it is awesome, eye-candy everywhere, really cool stuff guys.
There are lots of different foil grips beyond the French, (conventional) pistol, and Italian. Many of these other styles aren't FIE approved, so you don't see them in international competition.

This one is (I think) a Spanish grip (offset Spanish grip?).

For some info on different grips, has a list of the non-French/pistol/Italian grips (not much, but it's a start, and you can find more info and images googling for the individual types).
Over on swordforums in this vvv thread

similar marks (RIEUR) were identified as being

PRIEUR of Paris and the "5" refers to the blade length (35")

On yours, it looks like the leading "P" and most of the both "R"s are missing. Just the leg of the first "R" and the upright of the right "R" remain.

From the alignment of the "DE" and "FRANCE", a swag would be MADE over IN over FRANCE with the MA and IN missing.

Prieur Sports is still in business, having a web site ( and a facebook page (PRIEUR-SPORTS).
The Maraging swords in the website are maraging steel .I don't know exactly when that steel was first used for sword but it had to be after 1975 --as I was involved with the early research and manufacture of that steel type in before 1970. There certainly were no maraging swords at that time as I was an active fencer till 1975.
The foil shown would be a practice sword since competition ones would have been with electric tip. A wonderful sport it is .