Anyone know this knife? W.H. Morley&Sons, Germany

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Cleaning this knife up for a friend, seems nicely made, very rusty right now. Do any of you know the history of this company?
W.H. Morley & Sons Germany, is the tang stamp on the other side of the tang is an emblem like the NBC Peacock blossom.



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W.H. Morley & Sons, 1913-1927, was a trademark used by the American import and wholesale supply, A. Kastor & Brothers of New York City. These knives were sold through the hardware firm Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company of Chicago, Illinois.

These knives were made in both Austria and Germany. The brand marking is supposed to be a four-leaf clover.

That's all I get from Goins' Encyclopedia and Levine's Guide.

I have seen several of these on eBay in the last few months. If the pearls don't have any cracks, it should clean up to be a nice piece for your friends collection.
Thanks Bob, just what I was looking to find out, I'll print it out and pass it along to my friend to keep somewhere safe, cause I know either of will ever remember later!

And unfortunately there is a very small crack near one of the pins, on the other side that is not shown in the photo. They made false edges on all the blades, even the fingernail file, nicely done, I'll see how it cleans up tonight for him.
Again, Thanks!
Hi Folks. just wanted to let you know I drop a note in the suggestion box asking bladeforums to set up a foum site dedicated to knife identification. Though you might be interested in seconding the motion.