Anyone know this knifemaker


Feb 4, 1999
His name is Shiva or Shiva Kai? He makes some wicked blades that used to be featured in old SOF and Gung Ho magazines. Is he still making blades? How can I contact him.

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I know the knives you mean, but don't know anything about him. You may want to e-mail SOF and see if they have any info on file.

Good luck.
I checked a couple of Warners books and he is no longer listed. If I remember he was from New Orleans.He was also into martial arts and made some wicked looking knives.
I have two of Shiva Ki's knives for sale. One damascus and one Stainless. Contact me at 619-285-1305 Days or 760-945-7177
Dave Ellis, ABS, Mastersmith