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Anyone know "WAYNEM161"

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Jun 5, 2005
I'm just curious. Nothing bad to say about him. I've lost quite a few auctions/bids against him on other forums. Almost all custom Wm Henry's, Benchmades, etc.

Googled him and see he's buying stuff from all over the world US, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, France. (mainly knives).

Again, just curious, but he seems "big time" into customs....

Any insight would be appreciated.
That specific moniker (WAYNEM161) is being used solely on eBay.

From a cursory look. . . .they aren't getting phenomenal deals on the knives (i.e., if the intention is to buy at super low prices and sell them at a huge mark up).

I'm going to be exceptionally busy the next several days, but if anyone has any additional info - besides "WAYNEM161" - do not post the info here. . . .send it to me in an e-mail.