Anyone put handles on StiffKiss/NeckPeck/ArcLite ?

I know there was a thread on this a while back-- you might want to search the archives. I just have a cord wrap handle on my stiff kiss right now, but have been thinking about putting some wood slabs on there. My wife wants to get a bunch to make a set of steak knives. If anyone has any pictures, I would love to see them as I am looking for ideas.
I wrapped both my StiffKiss and NeckPeck with the included cord, it helped some.

I personally dont think its worth it for either of these knives. While they are kinda cool pieces, they just aren't practical to use. I bought them both at a knife show for 40 bucks, and havent touched them since.

If anyone wants the neckpeck, email me. I may be able to let it go cheap.
If u want, I can put a handle on them as a partial custom job. I will be be ordering blue G10 soon. Email me if u are interested, I can order other stuff too!
Yep, I put a nice pair of curly maple slabs on a friend of mine's stiff kiss.

303 stainless pins and a thong hole tube.

Added some light stain and it came out looking pretty good, better than it did before IMHO and he seems to be really stoked with it.
I have nice little (I mean little) pieces of stag on a Neck Peck- it's a handy little knife & the dress-up job makes me carry it more. I've also had Micarta scales put onto a REKAT Fang. Vastly improves the grip.