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Anyone tried this (Firesteel SL3)


Nov 19, 2005
I was wondering if anyone has any experiences about this knife/firestarter thing:
Firesteel SL3

It's quite cheap considering what features it has and because it's folding so i could fit it into my pocket, which is very big bonus.
Firestarter and knife in one packet sounds good.

But how durable it really is ?

And does standard firesteel army fit into it's "firesteel place", or do i have to buy new knife once firesteel that came with the knife wears out (eventually) ?

Anyone tried this ?
I have held one at a trade show. The idea is great but the finished product was not impressive. All in all it had the feel of a cheap crappy knife.
On the other hand the Swedish Fire steel rocks!
Don't know much about that particiluar product but I do have lots of first hand experience with their Scout model which works extremely well in all conditions...cold, wet, windy etc. I carry one in every pack and one in my wilderness pant pocket all the time.

It takes a little bit of practice to become proficient at it...I now average under 18 strikes to light a fire with an occasional one-strike-one-fire!
from what i can tell, i imagine that knife would be incredibly unweildy in the hand, because of the large bulge on the back. i think i would prefer a larger fixed blade with a little pouch for the firesteel like scott at razorback has done for a "survival" knife as that knife's use it listed as.
That's great to hear about the Swedish fire steel. I've been thinking about getting one ever since I lost or misplaced my traditional flint/steel/char cloth kit.
I bought one about 6 months ago out of curiosity. As mentioned above, the firesteel itself is of good quality. The knife has an integral striking cutout that works on the steel quite effectively - saves using the blade or the back of the blade. It also has a built in whistle that works OK.

The knife blade is functional and sharpens easily - I wouldn't recommend it as a primary working knife but it is not useless crap as others suggest and makes a good secondary knife. The package is light and compact and I have not experienced any quality related problems.
I have one and I'm happy with it. I would put fit and finish on a par with Gerber and the like. I paid about $25 for mine, and I got what I paid for. The Firesteel is made to fit the well in the knife, but you will be an old man before you wear it out if you are using it for emergency use.

I bought it for day hiking to save a little weight and to have an all-in-one tool, with blade, firesteel, and whistle. It's not one you would be using for batoning or other extensive survival techniques, but it would do as well as any SAK for cutting chores. It will certainly make a fuzz stick, start your fire, and clean small game. I find the handle quite comfortable.

When I hike, I use a knife for cooking chores, small trimming jobs, cutting tent guy lines and so forth-- no need for a heavy tool for such stuff. Many ultralight hikers head out with nothing more than an SAK Classic or a Leatherman Micra. I like such tools for EDC and to balance out a bigger knife on the trail, but not my CYA tool. I thought the SL-3 was a good middle of the road approach for something to toss in my day hiking kit and cover three essentials in one package. I make up little survival kits in Nalgene bottles for family or friends who are hiking with me and don't have the right gear and the SL-3 is perfect for such stuff-- "here, put this in your pocket...."
This is what I wrote in May:
I bought one a few months back to replace my Mora / Firesteel as my primary spark based firelighter.

Folds up / less bulky than a Mora.
Easy to open with one hand.
Holds an edge (I once cut up a piece of a pallet (pine?) to make a fire.
The serrated edge cuts through small branches with easier than a similar knife its size (not as good as a SAK saw though)

Uncomfortable to hold.
I lost my magnesium Rod in the snow the second time using it.

If you're going to travel and need to conceal the knife or need the space then this knife is OK. If you want a cheap knife and firestarter, then get a Mora and the larger Swedish Firesteel.

Still have the knife and it takes quite a beating. I also emailed light-my-fire about the missing firesteel and they replaced it within 3 days (for free)

Well, seems that i have no choice but to by one of those. :)
It seems to be quite good knife for it's price, just as i had hoped.

It will serve as an alternative / addition to my SAK on dayhikes and other short trips.

And Nordic Viking, that's very good service from light-my-fire, i'm suprised.
Thank's for all the reply's!
i have one of them, i was not impressed with the blade at all but what can your expexct from 420j2. the fire steel works realy well and it's detacable from the blade :), al though i do like the fact that it's a knife, fire steel and a whisel in one.