Anywhere in western PA to handle a Sebenza?

Dec 29, 2005
I have pretty much decided to buy a Sebenza, but I have never seen one in person or handled one. I don't know if I want a small or large, regular or classic, decorated or plain. It is a lot of money to spend without knowing what to expect. So, are there any CRK dealers around western PA that I can go to and see/handle a Sebenza? If not, where would the closest one be? Thanks for any input from PA Sebenzanistas!
There should be a PA club out that way, or maybe an Ohio club. If you buy one, you shouldn't have any problems selling it for what you paid for it.
If you can't find one,buy from a online dealer.Plenty of good ones around and if you do not like,they have return policies.

How far west are you? If no dealers are near by, NGK and True North treats their customers like gold, and they both stock a lot of CRK Sebbies.
I have ordered a bunch of stuff from NGK, they really are great. I would just like to have some idea which one to get, there are a lot of options. Are there any shows around that I could got to and see a Sebenza?
Theres one guy who sells at MD shows that has Sebbies and other Chris Reeve pieces. His prices are a little high for the new stuff, and good for the used stuff. I don't know how much longer he'll last in MD, he also sells autos at the shows.
Bob from American Manor House Cutlery will often do shows near PA. He and his father were the original Chris Reeve Knife dealers in America.