ANZA Knives Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Aug 18, 1999
Has anyone had any experiences, good, bad or otherwise, with an ANZA knife? I'm thinking of picking up one. Heck if they're decent I'll pick up a couple, they're cheap enough.

Thanks Much for and info.
I have had one for about 9 years or so, use it to do wood carving, it's a small pointy sharp handy thing. These knives work very well but are a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" class. I like them, keep thinking about trying to visit the maker, who lives in my neck of the woods. I think if you like the way they look, go for it, you'll like the way it works.
I have two models of them. They take a great edge, and are fairly easy to sharpen. To me, they are great camp/glove box knifes. I am sure one of the more tech minded guys here at the forum can tell you the actual difference in the steel properties, vs. one of the more expensive steels, but for me, it is a great knife to have around for anyone in camp to use, and not have to worry about one of your more expensive knifes being misused. I am sure they don't hold an edge as long as say a ATS34, or 440v, or D2 knife, but plenty long enough, and like I say, they sharpen up great. I like them.
I recently picked up a 3in Anza, the '4' I think it's called, and for even a bit more than I paid for it it's a nice knife. Being made from annealed files they should be 1095 or W2, the one that I have shaves with the factory edge and for some reason has a more pronounced 'zing' sound than most other knives when I run my thumb across the edge. I won't pry with it but expect it to be a nice slicer.
For those interested Anza is comming out with stag handle models of the #2, #3 and #4 in the Fall. Prices will be about 5 times what the impregnated wood handle models cost.

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