Anza Mini Hunter

Sep 2, 2004
I just got an Anza mini hunter in the mail. I looked at it and could not believe how tiny it was. I knew it was small, but :eek: The whole knife is a little longer than my middle finger. Convinced it was a toy, I quickly cut the sh*t out of my forearm :p . That'll learn me.

I don't know what I would ever use it for. The sheath is so big, you can't slip it in your pocket. I'm thinking that if you could get something to sheath just the blade, it would be a handy little pocket knife and very sturdy for its size.
Okay, not the best post. Does anyone have an Anza mini and actually use it?
I've an ANZA mini-bowie, about as long totally as my middle finger- I use it at home on my desk for opening bills... had it for years now and still haven't sharpened it... Sharp as a scalpel!
I've got an Anza PK2, which is about as small as I'd go. Nice little beater utility knife.