Aother victim of the 0561 beast..

May 12, 2011
So today I was att the playground with my kids. It was getting close to snack time, when I noticed a beast stalking its pray in the grass.
Only had an Iphone on me so apologies for the pics, had to be quick..

Just in time to snap one as she threw herself on her prey..

Snuck around for a close up of of her teeth but she kept growling so I had to retreat!

Managed to sneak back as she was taking a nap all proud of her catch.
looks like a Korean melon, we used to eat em growing up. Mild sweet flavor, now I want one, easy prey for a beastly 561!
Your lucky to escape unscathed than, I hear those things have claws which are beyond razor sharp that will cut diamonds in two.
Directly translated from swedish its honey melon,
no idea of latin or english name, sorry. Enjoyed it anyho.
Damn herd is stampeding towards me though and Daves
blem list aint helping! And the blackwash, O the blackwash..