Apex Nitrogen Hunter


Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Sep 9, 2015
So not all of us are perfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes they are expensive ones.

Like this.

Was supposed to an 8 inch chef knife.
In vanax..... I cut it at 6 inches like the original plan not the 8 that was requested.
Ouch and Oops.

But I was able to find another buyer and build this beautiful slicer.

Vanax SuperClean 0.080 thick
5.5 inch blade
5 inch handle
Full very very thin Convex grind. (Roughly 10 thousandths or less before sharpening)

Custom micarta from GL Hansen and sons. Ocean blue. Hand sanded to 600 grit and buffed with white compound.

Screenshot_20190529-122926_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190529-122938_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190529-123024_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190529-123016_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190529-123004_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190529-122945_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190529-123033_Gallery.jpg