apology for being gone from forums

Allen Blade

Oct 29, 1999

Some of you know i went through a divorce and it was a rough one both mentally and emotionally, i had to take care of alot of buisness personally and have been away from my shop for a few weeks handling personal stuff. I will be back at my shop in about two weeks and back to my knives.

I apologize if i have been behind on some orders and work but i had to take this break or end up in a mental ward somwhere. it was that bad. again i apologize and will get any and all back orders caught up in a couple weeks and back on a normal life track.

Regards,Allen Blade
Peace be with you Allen. I'm glad you're back among us and more or less free again. Happy living!

Mr. Blade,

I hope your life gets better cleared up in the near future.

FWIW, I've been trying to get a hold of you about an order that I placed with you many months back. It can (of course) wait, so I'll call your shop in a couple of weeks - thanks!
Welcome back, Allen!
If you'll post the URL to your website, there are some knives I need to order from you!
You owe no one an apology for doing what you had to do. It's great to have you back Allen. We missed you.

Welcome back Allen. You were missed! I hope things start running smoothly for you. Now get your butt back in BFC "Chat", everyone is waiting for you

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Do what you got to do Allen. We'll still be here. We appreciate you letting us know and I'm sure there are brighter days ahead for you. You've got a lot of fans here pulling for you.


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Welcome back. You in my thoughts and prayers and I will you the best.

Your friend,

Greg Mete

What is your current email?

Thank you,
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I'm sorry to hear about your divorce, having been their I know how terrible it is.
I was begining to worry and I apologize for my lack of faith in you.
I hope things improve for you.

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Allen my friend, I'm glad you made this post here. I tried to let people know that there were things happening in your life that were beyond your control, and I posted that here after your last E-mail.

All I can say is stay strong, and the best thing you can do right now is to get back to work.

Especially on my Dagger!

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Sorry to hear about your divorce Allen. I know how bad they can be too.
And it's good to hear you'll be bak to work soon. Doing something you love will help take away some of the pain. or at least is has in my experience.

I have been sorta patiently awaiting my video's.

I knew you were still around because the check cleared my credit union.
Hope to see your video's coming my way soon!!!



Indin word for lousy hunter.

I could introduce you to my sister, if that'll help.

...It's Good to have you back HERE with your "other family", now go get caught-up with those orders.

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Sorry to hear about the bad times. Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt and I know it is no fun. Hope things are getting back to as normal as they can be right now.

Pleas contact me when you are ready. Need to give you some information.

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Can't say I know what you are going through,, however I would like to wish you all the best Anyway...



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