May 2, 1999
I would like to apologize to Yekim, as well as any other native north americans, for my inappropriate signature statement. For any one who hasn't seen it, it stated "yes we carry knives in canada, we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant eskimos".
Like many people, I said something without thinking about how it might hurt or rub someone the wrong way.
This was not indicative of any personal prejudice, it was just a poor attempt at humour.
I have changed it and again offer my apologies to anyone who may have been offended.
There is Eskimo blood in my family, no polar bear as far as I recall though ... in any case I was not offended. Take it easy people.

Sometimes you can laugh it off and sometimes it hits you wrong. I can hyuck it up with the best of them, but, sometimes when somone says a cuss word and then says "Excuse my french", well being of french descent sometimes I get offended. Off soapbox

It's good that these things that offend some of us can be brought to light and resolved as friends.

My last name is pronounced joo-vay

Don Juvet, Somerset CA, U.S.A.

Good for you, I tell you words can get us into so much trouble, the pen is mighter than the sword rings true.


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it's the money.
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In yekim's defense - and something that was not mentioned here - apparently he had been having trouble with people looking on his Native heritage with something less than equal standing, or just as humor. Phone_archer may have just struck a nerve at a bad time.

Nice apology, though, phone_archer. You're a class act.


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Phone_Archer - nicely done. It is this higher level of communication that sets this forum apart.
I have a great deal of respect to people who show good character. I wish to thank you phone_archer for setting a good example.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

Don -- I plead guilty for using the "pardon my french" expression. My sincerest apologies for offending you. It will not happen again.

"It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot." -- Anonymous

phone_archer, it shows you have good character and honor to make an open apology. That is not an easy thing to find these days.
I'm glad to see folks maintaining a high standard of civility in the forum, and addressing any potentional threats to it.

And I have one question: I understand that "Inuit" is a correct name, used by the people to describe themselves, and "Eskimo" is a name given by somebody else. But is "Eskimo" now considered pejorative or offensive? Or just foreign, like me calling a citizen of Hellas a Greek?

I wasn't 'fishing' for compliments or intending to get them when I made this post, but I would like to thank everyone for their kind words.

James, I'm not sure if the word "eskimo" itself is considered offensive or not. I believe it was more the nature of how I used it "militant eskimoes". But there are many others out here that could clarify that for both of us.

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Aboriginal Americans would be the correct term, meaning “there first”. All of us born on this land are Native to it, but only some have ancestry that is Aboriginal to it.

Fortunately, the term does not have the negative connotations on this continent as it does Down Under, as it is succinct and applicable.

But please, feel free to call me James