Applegate/Fairbairn smatchet

They did make a smatchet a few years ago but it is discontinued.

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Check the Buck Forum, several weeks back. You might also search and access Ghostsix's old posts. He was into them ( smatchets ). Still is, far as I know. Raised holy you know what on Buck's forum til they gave him some satisfction. Or just drop Ghost a private email.

In the meantime, if all else fails, the Qama from the former soviet Georgia is a compact version of ( some four inches shorter than with different handle )the Roman gladius. See atlanta cutlery. It's on the web. Kris cutlery makes a leaf shaped celtic sword... I've had bad luck with all the CAS-Iberia Phillipine stuff, but I hear Kris has a good reputation. Good hunting.

And you probably know that Boker is making an oxymoronic "mini"smatchet.
If you want to get a smatchet check out EDMF.
They have have two sizes with your choice of handle.

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Right, check EDMF at, znd he can custom make one in the hundred buck range. The Buck Smatchets were few and are hard to find. The Al Mar smatchets were more plentiful and are hard to find (around $400-700 bucks.)

Mine is an Al Mar, signature, black zytel handled, serrated model. Not one to give up. This knife is great! The sheath is pretty bad, but the knife is HUGE.

Boker was licensed by the late Col Applegate to make smatchets and currently produced a small bladed boot knife. Upon discussing the matter briefly at the Blade Show in Atlanta this year, I was told that a larger version is definately contemplated for late this year, possibly even the large model.

If you want one, good luck. I recommend searching for the out of the way shops in you area and chceking them. No one else seems to have any.

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For all the neat and weirdzo stuff that Ontario's been bringing out these last 5 years, I'm surprised they're not putting one out yet. It would be very affordable and a lot of fun on the farm. -Brian
Col. Rex Applegate Auction
September 26, 1999 - 10a.m.
Waygarer Convention Center, Bedford, NH

Featuring Col. Applegate's extensive knife collection including : Prototype Applegate-Fairbairn Fighting Knives, Combat Smatchets and Combat Folders by various makers such as the O.S.S. Machine Shop, Al Buck, T.J. Yancey, Bill Harsey, Al Mar, Berber, Buck Knives and Boker.

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