Applegate or Stryker?

Oct 11, 1998
I'm looking in to getting either an Applegate-Fairbairn covert or a BM Stryker. What are peoples thoughts on these knives? I know there both great knives, and I will have both eventually, but which should I get first? I'm leaning toword the stryker...

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Well keep on leaning. MO is the covert is backwards the clip is on the wrong side for us who us the right hand to draw the knife. I heard they are going to change it and if they do I still think the BM is stronger and easer to clean. MO,
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On the new convert the clip can be put on either side. The lock is by the stud.

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I can't speak to the gerber other than messing with it in the knife shop, but I do have the Stryker and I really like it. I get to like it more all the time, the ergonomics of the handle are great. The action is very strong and smooth as well. The linerlock on mine is made perfectly, although I've heard that individual specimens vary.
I like the Gerber, but my choice was the Sryker. Actually it was the Stryker or Spyderco Military for me. The spydie was just too dang big for me. I Looked at it again this weekend and it's still big, I still want one though.
The first coverts that had the safety on the side of the knife were awkward, however, the later coverts with the safety in the thumb notch are great! I have one that I carry everyday on duty as a LEO. The ergonomics are great, the lockup is solid, and the safety engages itself when you grip the knife. The lockup on my knife is superb. It feels like a fixed blade! I looked at both the covert and stryker and settled on the covert. I love the design and always have been a big fan of Col. Applegate.
I have both knives and like both designs, but if I had to go with one, it would be the stryker. I just like the overall ergonomics of the knife. About the only advantage the covert has is it's secure lock, but a good liner lock is extremely secure anyway. Both are good knives and whatever choice you make, you will get a good knife. The covert may end up having more value in the future if you care about that stuff.
One thing being overlooked here is blade shape.Belly vs straight what are your cutting plans for it?
The Covert comes in two versions of blade, one a single edge and the other a spearpoint with false double edge. Either of these are a lot different from the geometric Stryker, and would perform utility cutting tasks differently. To look at, the spearpoint is very pretty but the single edge is probably more practical. The Stryker's blade is beautiful, the point is centered on the handle axis for accuracy, and deserves to be seen in satin finish, not covered up with BlackT.

James Mattis has pointed out before that the best feature of a tanto like the Stryker is that if a warrior cuts a beef steak with it only the corner edge of the blade is dulled on the dinner plate, leaving the rest of it sharp and ready to fight with right after the meal
Not what most people praise a tanto for, but the reality of it in a utility task.

Until recently when BM changed the position of the groove in the Strykers handle, the Stryker had a tendency for some people to cut their thumb when opening it. I have never cut mine on it but could imagine how it would happen from a combination of factors...the sharp edge very close to the pivot and the thumb disk not centered on the opening groove. The Mini version Stryker did not have that issue, and of course the Auto Stryker is entirely different (and better! one of my favorites).

Personally, I have many BM linerlocks and have gradually come the decision that I will not buy another liner lock knife of any brand period, because they are so inconsistent. Add some pocket lint and many times they just don't lock. But I could make an exception for the Covert because it has the lock on top of it. And I really like the feel of the Covert's grooved glass-filled nylon handle better than the same old G-10 on the Stryker. Also, I have the big brother Applegate Combat Folder (10 1/4 inches open) with a similar handle that has steel liners that give it a really nice weight. I have always been a fan of the Colonel, and his knives have a colorful history.

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Since you bring it up, I unboxed one of each to handle them a little. The Stryker feels and looks a little stronger in the fit and finish department to me but only marginally so. It has a little smoother action and feels a little more solid when the blade locks. The Covert is quite nice, though, and has a blade lock feature. I also prefer the thumb stud on the covert to the unusual one on the Stryker even though it's harder to get hold of.

I haven't cut anything with either one so I'm just giving you a purely subjective impression based on just handling them.

The most important difference between the two is the blade shape. The stryker is a tanto type design while the Covert is a false edge spear point design. I think if I were going to carry it as a weapon, I'd carry the Covert because of the blade design (just personal preference-I'm not a big fan of tantos) but if I were a collector and mostly wanted to own and fondle it (what, you don't like to fondle knives?), I'd opt for the Benchmade. Obviously, they are both fine quality products. Of course, I'd recommend you have one of each! Take care.

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I would go for the Stryker.

If you need to kane the lock better, send it off to somebody like Kevin Gentile, actually for near the retail price, he can have one sup'ed up for you.

the Convert and AF just felt cheap to me.

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

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Patiently waiting for the Spyderco SpydeRench, Lum Chinese Chopper Folder, Rolling Lock Martial Folder, Shabaria and JD Smith, heck if it si from Spyderco I'm anxious; REKAT Escalator and Pat Crawford design.

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Both are great knives. The Stryker is one of the best ergonomic cutting tools available, and the blade is very strong, but sorry, I don't need any more liner locks.

The single ground Covert has an extremely versatile blade and a lock safety. Also, production quality is very high. A very solid feeling piece. The safety puts the Covert in the possible buy category for me. The safety means that the lock will not release on you when you least expect it. This gives it a big advantage over other liner locks.

So wait a few weeks or months and get the new Benchmade Pardue Axis lock!

Remember; tantos look cool, but are useless when it comes to cutting. Most people doesn´t seem to use their knifes for anything more dramatic than slicing an apple and walk around happily with their monster tanto folders. The Covert is a little better but not ideal. Even though I don´t trust Benchmade when it comes to quality, I think the new 710 is worth looking at. Seems decent. The bladeshape will allow far more than a tanto. Personally, I´d buy a REKAT Pioneer. Makes companys like BM and Gerber go "Ohhh" & "Ahhhh".......