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May 26, 1999
I did a search here on Ray Appleton and found only two brief mentions of him. His knives totally blow my mind, but I know little about him or his work. Does anyone know of any links where I can look at some of his stuff? I would love to find diagrams of the super complicated locking mechanisms he uses. Does anyone here actually own one of his knives or (more likely) handled one? I think the guy is a genius.
i have seen APPELTON'S work and you can hardly call it a knife ..it is a work of art by any standard. the reason there are so few posts of his work is that mr.appelton makes about 3 knives a year that are been bought for anything between $13,000-$18,000.which makes it hardly accesible even to the avid collector.
however there are two good things i can tell you.. first ray's appelton son is now making knives the way his father does which means that on the long run there will be much more works of art like these out there.
second.. OUTDOOR EDGE has sighned a collaboratio to make an appelton folder..a fact that will able us to get something with the appelton name on it.
if you want more details on this ,contact david bloch on the outdoor edge forum and he will be able to elaborate on this.
i still fantasize that one day i will buy myself a real appelton.