Applying miltech-one


Jul 8, 2001
I got a question. Once you heat up your handles and apply the miltech. After that you let it sit over night and the next day you start fliping should you apply more heat to it ? Because at gollnicks helpful page it says
"The next time you use the firearm (whether it’s five minutes or five months later), the heat and friction of firing intensifies MILITEC-1’s chemical action. This increases the strength of the bond within the micropores of the metal surface. "
So what I am asking is that when tomorrow comes should I put heat to the miltech one in the joints that i just put there the night before to increase the miltech-ones effect ??? Thz a lot to who ever replys this.

Thz again !
I don't have an answer, but I'm sure someone will come across the first time you posted the question and respond. No need to post twice.
I do it this way:

~ Heat the area
~ Apply 1 drop of Militec-1 into each handle fork
~ Manipulate the Balisong a few times
~ Wipe off excess
~ Apply heat again

At this point I sometimes repeat the above steps (probably overkill) then let it sit.
in case you are not already doing this, heat the pins with a butane torch lighter. With around 2000 degrees or what ever it is, the job takes less than 5 seconds. Its a lot better than messing with a hairdryer, or worse yet, an oven set at 300 for 15 minutes:rolleyes:

happy flipping....
Thz guys !:D Well snice I didnt get what you guys said until today Iwhat I did was just heated it up with a heat gun for like 30 seconds and applied 1 drop to each piviot and moved it for a little bit then I just let it sit over night. I had to do this procsess four times.Because I have 3 balis and the 4th one is my bros LOL:D Im guessing that my 2 day old bm42a will not squeek anymore.:D Thz alot again everyone.
WOW the first miltech treatment works like magic. My bm doesnt squeek any more.YAY:D My jag swings without a sound and my china swings great also. My bros bear works great also. I can't wait until the 3rd or 4th treatment because from what I heard the 3rd/4th treatment works like magic. Im going to flip the heck out of my bm42 to make sure it doesnt squeek and later on tonight back to the heat gun and miltec. Thz guys.